Nihon Consult helps people and companies

to become more successful in Japan

Expat preparation


Are you going to become an expat in Japan ? Then you need to be well prepared.

Japan is not just another country and a different culture.

It is closer being another planet.

To live and work in Japan is nice


Nihon Consult has a full day preparation ready for you. 

Business support

Are you doing business in Japan, and are you Co-operating with Japanese partners?Then you should know that doing business in Japan is very different.

Knowing the culture and the business practices are essential. And it is also valuable to know how Japanese organizations work, make decisions and communicate.

Nihon Consult can assist you with cultural awareness and management training.

Nihon Consult can also support with your Strategy and Business Development.



Nihon Consult has a 2 hours lecture on Japan prepared for you. It covers Japanese culture & religion, to live & work in Japan, Japanese business practizies and Japanese organisational behavior.

Nihon Consult har et 2 timers foredrag om Japan, japansk kultur og religion.

Foredraget indeholder også en del om den japanske sjæl og opførsel.

Hvordan er det at leve og arbejde i Japan, og hvordan fungerer en Japansk organisation.