Expat preparation


Japan is not just a different Country and culture. It is closer being a different Planet. So being well prepared to work and live in Japan is essentiel to settle in faster and become succesfull.

Nihon Consult can provide a full day edutation introducing a coming expat family to Japan, Japanese culture and religion, Japanese behaviour, how to live in Japan and last but not least how to work and lead in a Japanese organization.

Business support assigments/projects


Are you and your Company involved in Businesses in Japan and are you coperating with Japanese partners/organizations ?

Then you most likely already know that this is different and in some cases complicated compared to other countries and cultures.

Nihon consult can assist you with cultural awareness and management training. It is for exemple very helpfull to know how Japanese organizations work and make decisions. You have also notized that Japanese communicate in an indirect manner making it difficult to understand what they actually mean and whether there are any commitments behind



Nihon Consult tilbyder et 2 timers foredrag som giver et bredt og grundigt indblik i Japans kultur, religion og sjæl. Det giver et indblik i hvordan det er at leve og arbejde i Japan. Foredraget indeholder også en indsigt i hvor anderledes Japanske firmaer og organisationer tænker og fungerer. Tilhørerne får et godt billede af at Japan nærmest stadig er et "lukket land" og tæt på at være "en anden planet"